Sacred Places Around The Globe

Most of the places have an aura, which you can feel altogether throughout your body. Dark and swampy places may inspire a feeling of disgust while a popular shrine can inspire the feeling of calmness and peaceful experience. In spite of all the feelings, it is the holy places that bring out the best in you. In this article, we will discuss some of them.

1 : Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Known for its natural beauty and high running mountains, the shrine is a holy place for the people of Anangu. The popular belief of the tribe is that the rocks were created during the creations and the spirits of the ancestors still reside in this place. The flat-topped Uluru is 30 miles away from Kata Tjuta which is made up of more than 30 tombs. The locals still believe in the divine power of the place and can be often found performing their rituals at these places.

2 : Mount Kailash

The Mount Kailash is a holy site for Hindus, the Buddhists as well as the Jains. Located in the western part of Tibet, the place is visited by thousands of pilgrims around the year. The Hindus believe that the place is the abode of the great Hindu lord, Lord Shiva. On the other hand, the Buddhists believe that the mountain is the home of Buddha Demchong, the Lord who defines Supreme Bliss. The Jains believe that the site is the place where the first Jain attained nirvana. The site is crucial for three of the most prominent religions of the world, and despite that, the place is visited by all the people peacefully.

  1. Mount Sina

Mount Sina is a religious site that is deeply affected by the Judeo-Christian-Islamic beliefs. It is supposed to be the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from the Lord. Though historically there is no evidence that it was this particular place where Moses received the Commandments, the biblical scholars lay much importance to the place. The place has been surrounded by many monasteries and is a tourist attraction for many around the world.

4 : Crater Lake, Oregon

Carter Lake was formed when the Mount Mazama erupted, and the volcano collapsed 8 thousand years ago. The carter is filled with deep blue fresh water. Despite the natural scenery, the place is a holy shrine for many people. The Klamath tribe consider the place a holy site. The local legend goes around the place that, the place spotted a fight between the Chief of the upper world and the Chief of the Below World. This led to the destruction of the site. These stories prove that the tribe witnessed the destruction of the mountain.

There numerous such spots around the globe that serve to the religious beliefs of the people around the globe. These sites are sometimes huge tourist spots and attract millions of people around the globe. One should always keep in mind that these spots are more importantly the holy shrines of some culture and any act that undermines the beliefs of the local people will not be tolerated at all.