Some Of The Best Spiritual Places Around The World

The most famous spiritual places across the world have actually been inspiring and they are simply more than just being vacation destinations for people. They have long been revered for their spiritual power and gorgeous scenery. They are stuff of legend and are worth visiting not only by individuals who are more on the spiritual side of things but even the ones who lead normal lives and are always in the look out of visiting places that speak of beauty and elegance. Throughout history, people cross the world have attached religious or spiritual significance to different natural sports that have played an important role in their respective cultures. Starting from the serene spots where Buddha accomplished enlightenment to the mythological abodes of Gods like Shiva and Zeus, there are places considered legends.

Cenote Segrado in Mexico

There are many regions throughout Mexico that are filled with cenotes or naturally appearing underground sinkholes. Ancient Maya honored water for its power of offering life and thus worshipped Chac, the God of Rains. Maya was of the belief that some of these sinkholes were visited by Chac himself. Therefore, there are some cenotes in Mexico that have been designated to be spiritual or sacred. They have been kept separate for sacrifices, rituals and offerings. However, the others that are not considered sacred are set aside for crop water, drinking and bathing.

Mount Kailas in Tibet

Mount Kailas is a black rock mountain that lies in the western part of Tibet. It is something in the form of a holy hat trick because it is spiritual for the Buddhists, Jains and the Hindus. It is considered the mythological Axis Mundi or the center of the universe. The Hindus are of the belief that this is the place where Lord Shiva resides and the land of complete eternal bliss. It is one place that is visited by a large number of individuals throughout the year. There is no other place in the world that is considered as sacred as Mount Kailas in Tibet.

There are some foreign spiritual places that are still used for performing rituals while there are others that have lost to the bangs of time. However, one thing that is common among all these spots is that they crackle with energy of special kind and if you are lucky enough, you will actually be able to visit these places at least once in your lifetime.